Our Story

“Balance is the most important factor in life and sport”

- Dr. Josef Smarda, Applied Immunologist, immunoLink expert and peak performer

Feeling and performing your best depends on balanced immunity and stem cell vitality.

Neuromics has launched immunoLink Therapies as an evolution of our business in Europe, treating clients with autoimmune and degenerative diseases. The success has also been built on our foundation of providing stem cell research solutions.

immunoLink Therapies is focused on helping both athletes and the aging population get to what we call the immunoLink bull’s eye: the sweet spot between balanced immunity and stem cell vitality. This is the point at which most people have the greatest amount of energy, perform at their peak…and feel their best.

Illness, injury and medical procedures drag you away from the bull’s eye, but if you’re near or on it, your recovery from these will be faster and more complete. The far ends of the immunoLink spectrum represent illness and associated pain, and significantly compromised performance and function.

immunoLink Therapies bundled plans and individual products are designed to get you to your bull’s eye – and keep you there. For athletes this means enhancing your health-related investments; for aging Baby Boomers this means working to strengthen weakened immune systems and restock depleted stem cell balances.

What exactly is the immunoLink?

The father of the immunoLink is Dr. Joe Smarda. Dr. Smarda tests and treats clients – those who are at the extremes of the spectrum and those at various points in between. His expertise is understanding the complex molecular and cell biology of the immunoLink. He’s spent 33 years improving and fine-tuning this understanding to the benefit of his clients. Pete Shuster’s expertise is in the area of stem cell vitality in the context of the immunoLink.

We test hundreds of factors, or biomarkers, for each client, including immune/inflammatory response, oxidative stress, allergies and stem cell health factors. By comparing these with healthy controls, we gain a clear understanding of a client’s current state of health. This leads to initial treatment strategies, and re-testing enables Dr. Smarda to continuously tweak and improve the effectiveness of plans in order to get clients to their bull’s eye.

Here’s an example of what’s happening at the cell and biomolecular level before and after 6 months of treatment.

Changes in biomarkers involved in immunity and stem cell vitality. Levels at pre-treatment (red) after 6 months of treatment (blue) and averages for healthy controls (green = immunoLink “bull’s eye”)

The clients represented by this data exhibited various symptoms of autoimmunity. These included chronic pain, fatigue, irritability, impaired mobility and frequent seasonal illnesses. Most had high pathogen loads and other stressors when compared to healthy controls.

The client graph below is that of the change in levels of more traditional medical testing analytes. This client was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2000.

After 6 months on an immunoLink plan most clients reported moderated symptoms. These improvements were confirmed by testing and minor adjustments were made to further improve the plans based on these testing results.

immunoLink solutions can’t guarantee medals for athletes nor will it turn back the clock for us Baby Boomers, but it will help you achieve the optimum balance of two highly critical factors in your health: the balance of your immune system and the vitality of your stem cells.