Stem-Kine + StemTrophin Plan

Reach – and sustain – your highest possible level of performance

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Plan Overview:

Stem-Kine and StemTrophin are designed to boost your body's blood and mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are responsible for replenishing your immune system cells (T-Cells, B-Cells, White Blood and Red blood Cells) and help with repair and regeneration. Together these natural supplements help with you endurance, mental acuity and recovery from exercise, injury and illness.

Often what we believe to be our bodies’ natural limitations, however, are simply the result of imbalances within our systems as we age. Many of these imbalances can be returned to a more optimal state with solutions designed to address immune system health and the vitality of stem cell production like Stem-Kine and StemTrophin.

Plan Details:

immunoLink Therapies has developed the Stem-Kine + Stem-Trophin Plan to help you reach – and sustain – your highest possible level of performance, no matter what you ask of your body or what you put it through. Products in this plan include: