Dr. Joe Smarda, an Applied Immunologist, is a robust example of the power of balance.

His energy and high level of athletic performance are testaments to not just the care he’s given his body over the course of nearly 60 years, but to the science that helps him optimize his wellbeing.

His approach to his and his clients’ health is to support one’s own health initiatives – eating health foods and exercising the body – with quality supplements that replace those naturally degraded over time and by the environmental effects of factors like solar radiation and acid rain.  

Dr. Smarda evaluates clients to determine where there is imbalance between their immune system and the vitality of their stem cells, then develops a custom regime of quality supplements that add lacking, non-toxic substances to their bodies. He believes that no person is either healthy or ill; instead, people only deviate from the “sweet spot,” which is ideal balance between their immune system and stem cell vitality.

A world-class sports figure himself, Dr. Smarda has participated in motorsport racing for more than 32 years and won several titles. His favorite form of the sport is endurance racing, where drivers attempt to cover large distances in a single event.