Our products are proven to work to improve healing time, recovery time, reduce aches and pains associated with intense exercise, reduce the recovery time required after illness, and improve the vitality of skin. How do we know this? We test, test, and test again.

Extensive client testing and treatment is a critical part of our product development, and testament to its success. Our clinical partner, Dr. Josef Smarda, an Applied Immunologist, has been treating his clients with autoimmune and other disorders for many years. His success is measured by a particular client expressing an improvement in symptoms. We began tested each of his clients' blood sera in 2013 to determine specific improvements in biomarkers related to immune health and stem cell vitality.

Our goal with every client is to determine progress towards each his or her healthy sweet spot – that point at which balanced immunity and stem cell vitality meet. We determine this progress by comparing client data with healthy controls.

You're probably already investing in vitamins and supplements, and that’s an excellent first step towards balanced immunity and stem cell vitality. Our specially designed products were selected by their proven ability to take you to a higher level.