Many of our clients come to us after they have exhausted all their options. Most have diagnoses of autoimmune diseases or have children with symptoms of autism. They have tried all that traditional medicine has to offers and yet their symptoms remain unchanged or have worsened over time.

There is much literature on importance of testing in treating disease or achieving peak performance. The problem is most testing services give only part of the picture. For example, some labs do cytokine testing which provides a snap shot of the degree and depth of immune imbalances where others will measure macro factors which can give insight into root causes such as chronic infections, toxins, hormonal imbalances, allergic responses and oxidative  stressors. Few do both, we do.

Dr. Josef Smarda, applied immunologist, is known as the “father of immunology” in Europe. Over the past 33 years, he has designed individually tailored treatment and testing regimes based on his clients’ current health states and desired results. His philosophy is simple, “we need to know precisely the causes before we can develop personalized medicines to achieve desired results."

Testing Options

Macrofactors Testing
Gastrointestinal Health Testing
Microfactors Testing

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Our Testing and Treatment Services are elegantly simple. We first determine the degree of immune/inflammatory response and the root causes of this response. We then address these as it is important the immune system is moving towards a healthy balance before stem cell boosting therapies can be effective.

We then repeat the processes until your health/wellness or peak performance goals are achieved.