The term "The immunoLinkTM "was coined by Dr. Josef Smarda, an applied immunologist, to describe his unique approach for testing and treating his clients.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Smarda has built a "word of mouth" business for testing and treating adults and children suffering from autoimmunity, degenerative diseases, autism. chronic fatigue and general malaise. His business is built on many client successes.

He uses testing to pinpoint the root causes. His testing regime first is aimed at identifying pathogens, toxins, oxidative stressors and other immune/inflammatory response factors.

He then uses Luminex Panels to determine the pre-treatment state of a given client's immune and stem cell systems. The Luminex technology is designed to measure inflammatory (cytokines) and stem cell activation factors (growth factors) using the client's blood serum. This ultra-sensitive technology measures these in picograms/ml or one trillionth of a gram per milliliter.

The data enables him to shape initial treatment strategies. Each client is then retested in 6-12 months to determine how the treatments are working at the cellular level. The goal is to balance these factors at healthy control levels. This balancing is often coupled with significant improvements in health. 

Treatments regimes can be flexed to improve outcomes based on our testing processes.

To oversimplify, the immune system is responsible for cleansing the body of pathogens, toxins, allergens and damaged tissues/cells. This creates a healthy environment for stem cells to repair and regenerate new, healthy cells and tissue. We call this process the immunoLinkTM