Optimized healing and reduced muscle & joint pain.

Price: $206.00

StemTrophin is a Curcumin based stem cell activator. In order to be absorbed by cells, Curcumin needs to be finely powdered and requires a carrier. This is the most effective formulation.

Stem cell activation awakens innate stem cell systems to optimize healing, cellular regeneration and functionality. In addition, StemTrophin acts on cells called mesenchymal stem cells. These cells have anti-inflammatory properties making the supplement excellent for muscle and joint pain. 

How Do We Know This Solution Works
Our Clients have autoimmune and degenerative diseases or are seeking peak performance. Prior to customizing their treatment strategies, we measure the levels of immune/inflammatory response, oxidative stress, allergies and stem cell health factors in our Clients' blood serum. The levels of these factors are compared with healthy controls. We then re-test after 6 months of treatments. For many the improvement in health and performance are startling. This is confirmed in the re-tests.

Graph: Finding your healthy sweet spot. Changes is immune/inflammatory and stem cell activity related biomarkers. Before (red) and after 6-months of therapy with Stem-Kine and StemTrophin (blue). Note the clients represented by this data suffer from autoimmune diseases/disorders including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Lyme Disease and Lupus.

Micronized Curcumin with a carrier to maximize cellular uptake. This is a 2 month supply. The supplement is packed in clear capsules. 2 capsules daily. Take anytime.