I am the founder of a 30 year old design and manufacturing company. Our business is under continuous pressure to innovate to meet customer needs amidst ongoing industry changes. Sports activities provide enjoyment for me and also provide day to day stress relief. I have been taking Stem-Kine and StemTrophin for about a month and am noticeably more energetic in both work and sports activities. I forgot to pack them on a recent trip and noticed the difference after only a couple of days.-Lael King

"My energy is on 'rapid' with all the jobs in the house being done! I feel happier and my husband keeps saying the difference in me is amazing. Friends have said they can't believe the difference and my mother cried when she saw me gardening! I know this treatment is working.

My husband and I said it would be the best Xmas present ever if I could breath on Xmas day and I can confirm I am breathing beautifully! I'm having no ups and downs, just a consistent breathing pattern now for coming up to 8 weeks. This is unheard of for me for 35 years! I even had a walk on the beach in the gusty wind and never flinched. Thank you." Josie T.